Debra Webster-Bride's Heart-

  • If you have suffered much to walk close to God you can find wholeness and healing.
  • Have you felt like you would always be broken and therefore limited in the things of God? So did I.
  • Join Cheryl who found the major lie that governed her life. Now she rests in him and is off the hamster wheel.
  • Join me. The performance based life I lived is gone because the lies are gone. I can live life close to him and walk in his will in new ways. My heart is healed, the pain and shame are gone. "I am my Beloved's and his desire is for me."

 Receiving the Power to BE

Stop struggling with doubt, fear, unbelief or powerlessness. Learn how to become what your are, complete in him.

You can be free from the lies the enemy tells you since you do not need to wait till heaven. Wholeness is available now.

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